Call to Action: Transitory Sanctuaries Needed

As you are probably already aware, there is a serious cat overpopulation problem on the streets of America. There is also a problem with too many humans dumping their cats when they are no longer wanted, or they become too much work or "hassle". To us, this is unacceptable. A family pet should be regarded as a family member and cherished as much as a child. They are not decor or a piece of furniture that can just be replaced when worn out and old (sorry for the mini rant).

There are a LOT of cats out there that need saved, and in order to save the ones we can, we need compassionate animal lovers to provide Sanctuaries for them, until we can find their real forever homes.

We are putting out a Call to Action to recruit humans who are willing to give animals a Transitory (temporary) Sanctuary in the Greater Philadelphia Area. These Sanctuaries are a fundamental instrument used by all animal rescues and shelters, and is also a genuinely phenomenal experience for the humans that decide to participate. Simply put: everyone is just happier because of a good foster program :o)

If you are interested in providing an animal with an SOS Transitory Sanctuary please do fill out our simple Foster Application HERE.

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