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Read some of the real-life stories of how these lost children found their way home.

Sweet Sunny

This is Sunny before, during and after his rescue. He was set to be put down the day after we rescued him from the high kill shelter he was in. Sadly, they were going to euthanize him because he had a cold/URI that he couldn’t seem to shake, and this apparently made him "unadoptable". He was approximately 2 years old then.

When I got him home, he was terrified of me and everything around me that moved. The note on his cage said he "was a runner". That’s not surprising considering he was in a tiny room with other sick cats directly next to an entire warehouse full of barking dogs. The after photo was taken about 6 months after I started fostering him. He is one of the sweetest, most confident cats I have ever met. 

Sunny is the reason I made the decision to take what I was already doing on a small scale, to the next level.

Timid Tink

Story coming soon!

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