The Petstablished Chip

Petstablished chips are 7mmx1.25mm FDX-B ISO compliant microchips, also known as a mini microchip, and can be read by any mainstream/universal scanner. They are currently the smallest chip in the industry, making it easier to inject and less painful for the animal. The microchips come individually prepackaged in a syringe, are sterilized, and have a special coating to prevent migration once implanted into the animal.

A minichip is a permanent pet ID and will last the life of your pet. 

How does a pet get microchipped?

Microchipping a pet with a MiniChip is simple and extremely safe! The MiniChip is injected beneath the surface of the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a normal vaccination and takes only a few seconds. MiniChips are so tiny that no anesthetic is required.

Why Register Your Pet's Microchip

A microchip is not a GPS locator. When a pet is microchipped, it requires a registration to link that pet to an owner. When a lost pet is scanned, it only shows the microchip number. Without registration to the owner, in the event of accidental separation, it is virtually impossible to reconnect a lost pet with its owner. When your pets microchip is registered through SOS Rescue for $13, the registration lasts a lifetime. In other words, it will never need to be renewed!

How the registry works

No matter what manufacturer your pet's chip came from, we are able to register the chip in the Petstablished microchip database. Once a chip is registered, if the pet gets lost, whoever finds the pet will be able to look up the chip number and find the owner's information on our website at Petstablished is also a participating registry with the American Animals Hospital Association (AAHA), which is the largest centralized database for pet microchip lookup in the country. What this means is that any chip registered in our database will also show up in a search on as a chip that is registered with Petstablished. This makes it much easier for someone to find the pet's owner if a pet is lost and the pet is registered with Petstablished.


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